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When it comes to how appealing an apartment looks, the exterior painting plays a big role. Magic Touch Painting can help you improve the appearance of the exterior parts of your home. 


General exterior painting 

We can take care of the painting needs of all parts of your exterior building. This includes; deck, bricks, walls, doors. 


Painting in this category leaves no part of your exterior home behind. It is aimed at giving your home a total revamp. 


Paint replacement 


Paint in the exterior parts of the house may wear out after many years. When this happens, the building will not look as attractive as it used to be. In such cases, we can help you bring back its good looks. 


Painting of specific exterior parts 


Giving building parts like the deck a good revamp is part of what our exterior painting services can help achieve for your building. It may not include all parts of your exterior house but it takes on the parts that you want to be painted. In all, you will get nothing less than a satisfactory result. 


Contact Magic Touch Painting for all your painting needs. If you’re looking to give your building that transformation that you desires, then you should contact us.

Check out other Exterior Painting Services Below.

Deck Painting

Painting your deck will give it a thick finishing, and this helps in covering cracks in a deck making it last longer. 

Deck staining

With deck staining service in place, moisture will not easily affect your deck. The stains will act as its protective shield.

Brick Painting

Dirt, stains, algae, mold, and Grimes found in bricks makes them unattractive. However, with our Brick Painting services, your brick walls will look good again. 

House Painters exterior

Old and loosed paints on the walls will be replaced by new and lasting paints that will improve the appeal of the exterior parts of your building. 

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