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Cracks in drywalls do not always signify drying or shrinkage. It can be serious so it needs drywall repair. At Magic Touch Painting, we patch and fix drywalls putting it back in place as it ought to be. 

We tackle drywall repair issues such as termite damage, removed tiles, furniture marks on walls, nail holes, water damage, among others. 



Our professionals know how to handle different types of drywall issues. We have years of experience in solving drywall problems and we have the solution to all your drywall repair needs. 


Flawless result 

After fixing your drywall problems, it will look uniform and as good as new. Rather than taking the risk of ruining your drywall while doing it yourself, let our team of professionals help you get the best result. 


If you’re looking to give your home that transformation that your family desires, then you should contact us. Call or request a quote today. 

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Seek professional help when removing wallpapers to ensure that no damage is done to the wall in the process.

Popcorn ceiling removal

Magic Touch Painting can help you remove your popcorn ceilings safely without exposing it to risks or damages.

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